Blogspiration (46): Tsundoku

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Credit where credit’s due: I originally stumbled across this word over at the amazing Tumblr, Otherwordly, and pulled the definition from Wikitionary.

I just love that there is actually a word for people like us. Tsundoku. I think I feel a little less alone in the world ;D

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25 thoughts on “Blogspiration (46): Tsundoku

  1. Ahhhh! This is PERFECT for this community. Oh, I love words. I was/am so envious of Karou’s language-collection. Best use of wishes EVER. And I love the way that you can tell an awful lot about a culture from the things that they have words for – or lots of words for. And then there’s English which magpies words from all over the place. :-)

  2. THERE’S A WORD FOR THAT?! Why didn’t they teach this when I learnt Japanese in school?! Finally, I can put a name to 83% of my life. TSUNDOKU. I FEEL SLIGHTLY MORE COMPLETE.

  3. THIS IS AMAZING, SARAH. I never even knew such a word existed! Haha, I have loads of unread books, yet I can’t seem to stop buyimg more whenever I go to the bookstore. *shuffles feet guiltily*

    Great blogspiration, darlin’. :-)

  4. I LOVE this word. I rarely used to buy books, only because my mum hates the way they pile up and she doesn’t want to see them, but lately my dad and I have been a little sneaky. ;) Unfortunately I don’t have any time and so I have quite a few books that still need reading. It’s amazing there’s a word for this! :D

  5. You know Otherworldly! One of my all time favourite tumblrs- I’ve heard about Wikitionary, but have yet to check it out.
    This phrase, though I never would really have thought it applied to me, because I’ve always been quite good at reading what I have, definitely applies to me at the moment- I’m wanting to buy more but I’ve still got a tonne to read… it’s a hard realisation that I’m not allowing myself to buy anything else until I’ve caught up.
    Missed out on another blogspiration- I was going to catch up on Tuesday but now it’s Friday, so I’ll have to make up for it on Sunday! x

  6. TSUNDOKU! I LOVE Japanese language so much but I’ve never heard of this phrase before!! What an awesome phrase that captures the feelings of a book lover so well ;)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your Blogspiration post, Sarah ♥♥♥

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